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The Process

The most important thing in life is to decide what is important. People who reflect on their values when making decisions, especially financial ones, make better decisions.

At Lengvari Financial Inc, our objective is to help you align your decisions with your goals and your goals with your values.

We service individuals and corporate clients across Canada, focusing on retirement and estate planning.

Learn more about the steps of our process below:
Discuss and develop clients' goals, objectives and core values
Gather information and review clients' current financial situation
Access and analyze the risks, exposure and gaps in the current financial situation
Review initial objectives and re-evaluate them
Make recommendations
Assist in implementation
Our expertise is in the following areas:
  • Insurance audit
    • group
    • personal
    • corporate
    • bank
  • Net wealth protection during your lifetime
    • disability
    • critical illness
    • long term care
  • Net wealth protection upon death - life insurance
  • Fund the tax liability upon death
  • Family business succession/transfer
  • Funding charitable bequests during lifetime or upon death
  • Creditor protection
  • Investment diversification - insurance as an asset class
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