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Our Logo A Symbol of Our Commitment

Our logo is a reminder of our commitment to you. The shield symbolizes our dedication to the security of your assets, while the honeycomb, inspired by the beehive, suggests the importance of savings and planning for your future. The "Y" in the centre denotes man and signifies our loyalty to you. We represent you - not the life insurance company.

Quality Service is Our Top Concern

Our commitment to you:

  • To provide expert advice and guidance.

  • To represent your best interests.

  • To monitor the performance of your plan to ensure it performs as intended.

  • To protect your personal information by keeping it private and confidential.

  • To exceed your expectations at every opportunity.

"Luck happens to prepared people"
Thomas D. Kristensen

Your Financial Security is Our Business


The basic purpose and nature of life insurance is to deliver sufficient funds when needed either on death, retirement, disability or while in care. These are the building blocks of personal security. Our primary concern is ensuring the security of the assets you place with us. We make sure that the life insurance companies we recommend are at the forefront of the industry. We monitor them constantly. They must have excellent ratings and exceptional financial stability. 


We believe that exempt life insurance allows you to save and accumulate wealth more efficiently than other methods. Among the alternatives available to you, the most tax favoured form of investment is permanent life insurance. It provides:

  • Tax-free accumulation

  • Tax-free maturity on death, and

  • Tax-free access to the accumulating fund during your lifetime


Our only loyalty is to you. We are a life insurance brokerage firm and we deal with a number of life insurance companies. We do not represent any one life insurance company. We look for and only recommend those products that satisfy our criteria of providing you with security and effectiveness.


We use innovative products to help in a long-term plan to maximize your returns inside a life insurance product while keeping a low exposure to risk. We specialize in funding future liabilities and financial obligations. To arrive at the true cost of funding, it is not only necessary to consider the amount of funds invested, but also to account for the time value of money, which is either:

  • The lost opportunity cost, or

  • The cost of replacing funds via borrowing

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