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Our History

Lengvari Financial continues to uphold the principles that were developed by the founder, George F Lengvari Sr over a lifetime. George passed away in 2012 and was active in the business until the end, always a true believer in insurance and the value it provided.

In a career spanning half a century, George lectured on life insurance at numerous universities, and the estate planning course of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants. He was also President of the Chartered Life Underwriters of Montreal and Director of the Estate Planning Council of Montreal.

He was an ideas man and is the pioneer of many products and life insurance concepts including single premium life insurance, deferred annuities, interest-sensitive new money policies and insured annuities. He was a specialist in the use of life insurance as a tax-free investment.

George F Lengvari Sr


Gertrude (Trude) Lengvari

Both George and Trude began their professional careers in Budapest where they met.  Trude had little formal education beyond high school and started work upon graduation.  The transition from life in Budapest during the War to refugee camps in Austria were extremely challenging. In addition to her fluent German and Hungarian, Trude mastered English, and with this skill was able to secure a position with the British Red Cross. It was through her contacts that the family found a home, first in Scotland, and then England, before emigrating to Canada. Clearly, she was up for any challenge.

When George started in the life insurance business, Trude was by his side. While George was selling and meeting clients, Trude ran the office including all administrative and accounting duties. For many of the early years, the business was run from the family home, which always included an office and often additional staff.

As the business grew, she continued to support her husband and ran the operations, particularly the financial aspects. She ensured that the business ran smoothly.

She was always by his side as they travelled the world on conventions to exotic locations.

While George was the eternal optimist, Trude was the foundation upon which he stood.


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